Postdoctoral Positions

We are currently looking for a postdoc to join the GAMESS ECP development group.

Please email Giuseppe for more more information.

We will soon post the position on the official ANU website.

Graduate Positions

We are always seeking talented and hard working students for undergraduate, Honours, and PhD positions within the group. For PhD positions, we plan to offer competitive top-up scholarships based on merit.

If you are interested in joining the group please read the following guidelines to express your interest. Expression of interest that fail to comply with the guidelines below will not be considered.

  1. First, familiarise either with the ANU requirements for Honours entry or with the ANU requirements for PhD/MPhil entry.

  2. If you are an ANU undergraduate or masters' student interested in Honours, we have various existing projects ideas in HPC and computational science: please refer to the publications and research projects pages to confirm your interest in our research. As long as it aligns with our research directions, we are also happy for you to propose your own project. Therefore email Giuseppe to express your interest, including background information (e.g., courses taken, academic transcript, and programming skills) and a concise statement about the research that you would like to undertake.

  3. If you are a potential PhD student - you must have good mathematical and programming skills, ideally with prior experience in scientific computation. You should have excellent English proficiency, strong programming skills in C/C++, some familiarity with MPI, OpenMP and/or CUDA, and with revision control (GitHub or SVN). If you meet this requirements, please contact Giuseppe following the instructions at point 2.